Experiencia de intercambio cultural
Cultural exchange experience

From CEAP we offer a wide range of experiences related to cultural exchanges, whose main objective is the promotion of international mobility and intercultural learning for young people. It is an opportunity for all those from 13 years to live an international experience in contact with other young people from different cultures and countries.

During these moments of aggregation, not only the personal growth of young people is encouraged, but also an effective exchange of knowledge, points of view, ideas and initiatives between people with different cultural backgrounds. For these reasons, international exchanges are a valuable opportunity for intercultural, social and linguistic learning.

Describing an exchange is often difficult because each experience of this kind is unique and strongly characterized by the human aspect. There are innumerable possibilities to live this experience to the fullest, from courses or summer camps to courses abroad of an entire academic year.

Think of a destination and ask us about our programs, you will surely find what you are looking for.

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